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Red Heart, Square, Circle

Red Heart, Square, Circle. I love the way the shape of the heart plays off the shapes inside of it. More José Fuster work.

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Waving Blue Spirals

Waving Blue Spirals. The soft curves in this piece reminded me of sea kelp waving under the water.

Grapes of peace

Grapes of Peace. The soothing—but rich—colors in this photo will bring peace to your space.

Rose Reflection.

Rose reflection. The rose mirrored in the surface of the table reflects well on your good taste for making this fine purchase.

Unnamed flower

I can never remember the name of this flower, but it is a special polaroid photo and the process should be briefly described here.

Pure Peony I

Pure Peony I. The dark background highlights the beauty of this single white peony. Pair it with the Rose Reflection above to create a beautiful escape in your busy life.

Tri-Color Tulips

Tri-Color Tulips. Tulips in endless color variations are available at the many flower markets near the Amsterdam train station.

Jonquil I

Jonquil I. Mural on a wall of the Jonquil Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona by Rose Johnson. The mural is called “Sleepwalking.“ Pairs nicely with Jonquil II.

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Calamari Colori

Calamari Colori. This glass creation by Dale Chihuilly looks as though it’s ready to climb right out of the sea.

Red Peppers

Red peppers. Seeing red never looked so good.

Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight. Can you taste the sweet explosion of flavor from these ripe, red strawberries?

Polaroid Sunflowers

Polaroid Sunflowers. Menion the polaroid process briefly.

Crooked Vase

Crooked Vase. Sunlight on this yellow wall gives it a delightful burst of orange tint to brighten your space. Crooked vase not recommended for the OCD-inclined.

Colorful Dishes

Colorful Dishes.

Tentacle Flower

Tentacle Flower is my name for this piece by Dale Chihuly, displayed at the Scottsdale Botanic Gardens. It looks like the result of massive doses of Miracle Gro.

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Jonquil II

Jonquil II. More of the Jonquil Hotel wall mural. Pairs nicely with Jonquil I. The mural is based on the 1928 poem "Romance Sonámbulo" by Federico García Lorca.

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